Will the Life in the UK Test be relevant to the part of the UK I live in?

The Life in the UK Test is a test which covers all possible topics with regards to the United Kingdom. That means that all the different countries’ history, customs and traditions, language spoken and everything under UK’s sun will be included in the test.

For example, all the customs and traditions of Scotland will be included on the test. The story behind the Welsh language will also be included, as well as questions like, “who is the patron saint of Northern Ireland?” Everything will be included in the test, wherever region you may be living now.

So to answer the question: Some questions will be relevant to the country that you live in, but will not affect the test greatly.

But taking the test in a particular region might change the Life in the UK Test’s language format. For example, taking the test in Scotland, some of the questions will be written on Scottish Gaelic. If you take the test in Wales, it will be written in Welsh. Normally, though, it is written on the English language so that all four countries will be able to understand it (should they have knowledge of the English language).

It is important that you book your test on the region with the language you are most familiar with. But it may be time-consuming, as well as expensive, and you can always study the English language, which is the most convenient option.