Why do you need ESOL and British citizenship test classes?

In order to be able to permanently reside in the United Kingdom, one must take the Life in the UK Test, and pass it. Passing it means you are eligible to apply for a British citizenship. However, there are several other tests that you must pass too in order to be fully-recognized by the British government as a deserving applicant to be awarded the coveted British citizenship.

ESOL, or English for Speakers of Other Languages, is usually taken before the Life in the UK Test, as this is more of a “preparatory” test. Its main objective is to make sure that you have ample knowledge of the English language and prepare, hence the word “preparatory”, you for the harder tests ahead.

British citizenship tests are also preparatory tests. This test is different than ESOL, because it focuses on the different aspects of a British life, whereas ESOL guides and tests the applicant on their knowledge on the English language.

These tests must be first taken, in order for you to prepare for the Life in the UK Test. But if you are confident enough to take the Life in the UK Test without the need of preparatory tests, you are welcome to do so, but it is recommended that you go through it first.

ESOL and British citizenship tests are vital tools in passing the Life in the UK Test. To drive the point home, statistics show that countries who speak less English have a lower passing rate than English-speaking countries. In fact, most countries that don’t practice the English language have a failing rate of 80% to even 100%! These statistics show that they are indeed important tests.

If you need more information about the ESOL and British citizenship tests, you may contact your local college / university, or contact the nearest Local Test Center.