Who needs to take the Life in the UK test?

The “Life in the UK Test” is required to be able to apply for a British citizenship, or an Indefinite Leave to Remain. That meaning immigrants or tourists who wish to permanently reside on the United Kingdom, must take and pass the test.

Immigrants and tourists alike are required to take this test. This is to show if they are really ready to face the challenges of being a British citizen. This test requires that you, the applicant, must have knowledge of the countries of the United Kingdom and every little bit of information with regards to the United Kingdom.

To be able to take the test, one must first demonstrate knowledge of the English language, as well as good computer skills. Otherwise, you may not pass the test because the Life in the UK Test is written on English and it is a computer-based exam, meaning you will need to use a computer on the exam proper.

Passing the test takes you one step closer to being a British citizen, as there are other British citizenship tests to pass, and other documents to give to the Home Office. Failure, though, does not mean getting deported or removed from the country, as you are allowed to stay and retry the test as many times as you wish (provided that 7 days or 1 week has passed, and you have sufficient funds to pay for the test).

Residents and British citizens can also take the test and other British citizenship tests, but passing or failing the test wouldn’t affect their current status and citizenship, as they have already lived, as their fathers and grandfathers have, in the United Kingdom.

This test is an ingenious law implemented by the United Kingdom, because it weeds out the less-qualified applicants from the much deserving applicants.