Where can I take the Life in the UK test?

There are several (around 75) testing centers located at different areas of the United Kingdom. Be sure to take the test where you feel you are the most comfortable with and most convenient (i.e. near your residence area).

If you have questions on where to locate the nearest local testing center in your vicinity, you can call the Life in the UK Test Helpline at 0800 01524245, and ask them where the nearest local testing center is located. They can also help by providing you with instructions on how to get there easily.

You can also locate the nearest local testing center by going online and visiting their official website. Click on the “Find a test centre” link and you will be prompted to enter your Postcode. It will then return the locations of the nearest test centers within the vicinity of the Postcode you inputted. Be sure to write it on a piece of paper so you wouldn’t forget the location.

When taking the Life in the UK Test, it is recommended that you arrive an hour earlier before the test begins. This is to give you more time to study, and to take practice tests on the local testing center you chose.