Where can I find out more information about the life in the UK test?

Information regarding the Life in the UK Test can be found on several mediums.

First, you can contact the Life in the UK Test Hotline for more information on where you can take the test, when the schedules for each test are, and what are the documents and requirements needed before you can take the test.

You can also go online, and visit their official website. Click on the “About the Test” to learn more about the Life in the UK Test, as well as the nearest local test center within your vicinity, and contact numbers that you need to know.

Should you have problem with your handbook or may have some questions that you cannot ask on the phone, you can personally visit your nearest local test center. Here, they will entertain questions with regards to the test, and listen to whatever questions, comments, or suggestions you may have for them.

Also, always be updated on the news. Be sure, when you go online, to check major news channel websites, as they may have new information should changes or revisions be made to the Life in the UK Test. Just recently, it was announced to the public that an extra requirement, having a good handle of the English language before going to the United Kingdom (an agency representing the Home Office must first test the applicant), must be met first before they can take the Life in the UK Test.

Be sure to keep yourself updated on all the changes regarding the test.