When was and why the Life in the UK test introduced?

As more immigrants came to the United Kingdom, the UK government knew they had to limit the number of immigrants to prevent being overpopulated. Since the 1960s, they have devised laws in order to severely limit the immigrants coming to the country. But still, the immigrants persist on going to the UK until this day.

New laws are introduced every year; one of them is that immigrants must first take a test before coming to the United Kingdom. This test is called the “Life in the UK Test”.

The “Life in the UK Test” is a computer-based exam, which determines the knowledge of the applicant about the everyday lives of an ordinary citizen of the UK, the UK’s history, and the ruling powers behind it. They must pass the test first, should they need to apply for a British citizenship or for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

To be able to take the test, one must have a basic command of English, as well as basic computer knowledge. Otherwise, the applicant might have a hard time on dealing with the test, as the questions and instructions are written in English.

This test was introduced to cut immigrants to a minimum, or at least to those who are qualified to stay in the countries of the United Kingdom. It is also used to combat illegal immigrants, who force themselves to stay in the UK through illegal and unfair means, for example, marrying a legal British citizen so that he or she can gain some legality to stay at the UK.

There are other tests too, one of them being ESOL or English for Speakers of Other Languages (it is somewhat required for applicants to take this test first to make sure if they are knowledgeable enough on the English language).

In addition to passing the Life in the UK test, one must also pass the other British citizenship tests in order to be eligible to become a British citizen.