What do you need for Life in the UK Test registration?

Upon registration of the test, you are required to present some documents in order for you to be registered in their database.

The following information will be collected from you by the Test Supervisor:

– Full Name
– Date of Birth
– Nationality
– Country of Birth
– Place of Birth
– Current Postcode
– Method of ID validation
– ID Document serial number
– Home Office number

This information will then be entered into their database and will be used later for verification purposes. It will be held by the Ufi and will be transferred to the Home Office.

This information will also appear on your Result Notification Letter which will be given to you after completing the test. Be sure to check the letter thoroughly. Should you find any inconsistencies, you should immediately notify the Test Supervisor to make the necessary changes. This is important as minor mistakes can result to your test results being voided.