Understanding about level of English for Life in the UK Test

If you think you have sufficient knowledge of the English language, then you may be ready to take the Life in the UK Test. However, doubts can still linger and you might begin to think that you are not yet ready. What can you do to erase these doubts?

Fortunately, some universities and colleges can offer you an initial assessment on your level of knowledge of the English language. This is to determine your English mastery level, and for them to determine if you are ready to take the Life in the UK Test or if you require taking the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and British citizenship tests first.

To get an initial assessment of your English knowledge, you must first contact local universities and colleges if they offer English assessment tests. If you can’t find schools which offer those services, you can call the Life in the UK Test hotline, and they will tell you the nearest university or college where you can take an initial assessment.

Taking an initial assessment first, rather than taking the test head-on, is very vital to your passing the Life in the UK Test and the other tests that may come after it, as your knowledge of the English language can and will determine the result of your test.