Types of questions for Life in the UK Test

There are several types of questions in the Life in the UK Test. These questions can be:

– The normal multiple choice question

This is the most common among the different types of questions. This question means that there is only one correct answer, you can’t have multiple correct answers on this question. You can recognize it by having radio buttons (circular buttons) with the answers written to the right. Your selected answer will appear as a circular button with a smaller circle nearly filling it. Selecting one answer automatically deselects your other answer (provided that you have already answered beforehand).

– The TRUE or FALSE question

This question involves only two answers, TRUE or FALSE. You must determine whether the statement (the question) is indeed true or false.

This question is also shown with radio buttons.

– Questions with multiple answers

This question is almost the same with the normal multiple choice question, except there are multiple correct answers. Your answers are marked with a check on a box. As the name implies, you can have two or more answers.

This question has choices that will appear as a box and the answers written to the right. To deselect answers, you must click the box with a check mark on it to remove the check mark.

– Choose the correct answer

This is almost the same as the TRUE or FALSE question, except that you must always the TRUE and correct statement.

This question is also shown with radio buttons.

These are the types of questions you may encounter on your Life in the UK Test. Be sure to familiarize yourself with them, and know how to answer them. You can take practice tests on the local testing center should you have problems understanding these questions or until you can comfortably answer them without requiring assistance.