Opening times for Life in the UK test centres

There are different local test centers situated around the United Kingdom. Hence, they also have different opening and closing times. This is important too, should you have work or appointments that can hinder you from taking the test in that particular time.

So what do we do then?

First, you need to know the list of the nearest local testing centers in your area. Phone the Life in the UK Test Helpline at 0800 0154245, and ask them about the test centers within your vicinity. Write down the locations mentioned to you, and if possible, ask them about their test schedules. Usually, they know the schedules of the different testing centers, but if they don’t, write down their phone numbers and addresses and then proceed to phone each testing center. Or you can do it the easy way by using the test centre locator at  you can search by your postcode or just select your city from the drop down menu there.  These are the only ways you can locate the centres before registering for the test. The usual way however is by using the registration page for the exam.

Ask them about the schedule of their test sessions. Once you obtain this information, decide which testing center is the most convenient for you, and pick one that wouldn’t interfere with your busy schedule.

On the test day, be sure to arrive an hour before the test proper (on your chosen testing center), so you can do some last-minute studying and reviews before taking the test. Good luck on your taking the test!


  1. karwan tahir says:

    my wife she just past uk life test last year but she just lost the paper if she go back to test center they can give her another one

    thanks for answering

  2. Shanique Williams says:

    I have done and pass the life in the test in 2008,I would like to know if the applicant would have to re-take the test again. As they meet the requirments for applying

  3. Dear Sir/ Madam
    I hereby would like to enquire about centres where i can write a test for life in the Uk. I am based in London , Bromley area. If possible i would like to book for the 30/6/14 at 11am.
    Kind regards

  4. luk says:

    the test pass has no expiry, so you don’t need to take it again, also contact the lif ein the uk test helpline!

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