Life in the UK test in various languages

Routinely, the Life in the UK Test is offered and written on the English Language. However, in the different countries of the United Kingdom, they may have the test written on their own language. For example, Scotland offers the test in Scottish Gaelic language. Same with Wales, that offers the test in Welsh language.

However, the applicant (the immigrant) gains little to no advantage, especially if they are from other countries, regardless on what country they take the Life in the UK Test. Unless some test centers offer them at their (the immigrants) own native language, this will not help them with their tests, and will still be required to take the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), and British citizenship tests, should they have little to no knowledge of the English language.

This, however, will prove advantageous to local (British) citizens who wish to take the test for whatever reason they have.

If you need more information with regards to taking the Life in the UK Test in different languages, you can contact the Life in the UK Test Hotline for additional information. Alternatively, you can also contact / go to your nearest local test center for more information.