Life in the UK test: Do I need Computer Skills ?

The Life in the UK Test is a computer-based exam. Since it is a computer-based exam, applicants will, obviously, use a computer. For this, you need to have Basic Computer Skills.

You just need to have two basic skills: One, you must be able to type using the keyboard, and two, you must be able to use the mouse.

Using the keyboard is really easy, just push the letter / number you need and the same letter / number will appear on the screen. That’s it. Not hard, isn’t it? Also, you don’t need to memorize the letters and their placements as you will use only a handful of keys in the keyboard (e.g. 1-4 in the number pad, and the arrow keys).

Next is using the mouse. Think of it as an extension of your arm. The cursor on the screen (represented by a small white arrow) moves when you move your mouse. Move the mouse up, and the cursor will go up. Move the mouse down, and it will go down. It’s really easy!

However, if you are still not confident on using the mouse and the keyboard, you can go to the test center and ask the test supervisor to guide and help you on how to use both. You can also practice on their official website. But if you have managed to log on to the website by yourself, then you don’t need to practice anymore, as you can use the keyboard and mouse well!