Life in the UK Test and Britain

Every immigrant coming to the different countries of the United Kingdom has their own reasons. One reason is that they may be persecuted in their own countries. Another reason is that they may have found good working opportunities in the United Kingdom. Or maybe, some of their loved ones are already living in the UK.

But when you put all those reasons together, you will understand that they have a common reason why they moved to the United Kingdom; they wanted to permanently reside at the UK, and in order to do that, one must become a British citizen first.

However, obtaining a British citizenship is not just a walk in the park, as they have to work, or rather study for it. There are many requirements for obtaining one, and one of these requirements is to take the British citizenship eligibility test called “Life in the UK Test”.

The “Life in the UK Test” is a computer-based exam to test the would-be applicants if they are indeed ready to face the challenges of everyday life by normal British citizens. They would have to have sufficient knowledge of the UK and the different aspects of life in the UK, hence the name of the test. And also, they (the immigrants) are required to have knowledge of the English language, and some computer skills in order for them to take the test.

Passing the test means you are one step closer on becoming a British citizen, as you would only need to submit a few documents to the Home Office and you’re days away from becoming one. Failing the test, however, does not result to your departing the country. You can still stay on the country, provided that your visa (or Leave to Remain) is still valid.

Everyday, hundreds or thousands of immigrants come to the United Kingdom. And most of them, after seeing the beauty of the United Kingdom, comes to love the country, and therefore, would love to stay, or even permanently reside. Becoming a British citizen, for them, would be a great reward and a great achievement on their journey to citizenship.