Importance of Life in the UK test for Settlement and citizenship

Taking the “Life in the UK Test”, as well as passing it, plays an important role should you decide to settle at the country. Passing the test will grant you many privileges, as well as other advantages over other immigrants who have not yet passed or taken the test.

Being a new British citizen, you can now participate actively on the different events in your community and in the wider society as well. Share your knowledge and talents with the community. You can also voice out your concerns and have the right to vote in local and national elections. From now on, you will play a larger role in your community than you have before.

Also, as a full-fledged citizen of the United Kingdom, you no longer need to renew your visa or Leave to Remain. You will be granted a British passport, but you will need to apply for it though. With that in hand, you can leave the country whenever you wish, and go back to the country whenever you want, provided that you come back to the country once every two years.

However, being a citizen of the United Kingdom, you must observe the rules and regulations implemented in this country. As always, you should abide by the country’s rules and be a role model for your fellow immigrants. Help your fellow immigrants who also wish to stay in this country by offering to help them in their education.

Also as a final note, being a British citizen comes with responsibilities. You should always be responsible for your own actions. Prove to the others that you are worthy of being a citizen of the United Kingdom. Prove to them that you can be a good citizen and you will not shame the countries you represent (your own and the UK). Do not let all those hardships you went through go to waste. Be a model citizen, for you, for your country, and for your new home, the United Kingdom.