How to use Visa4UK for your visa application

Applying for a visa to the United Kingdom is now infinitely easier thanks to Visa4UK , a website by the UK Border Agency.

Internet Explorer 10, 9 and 8, Chrome 30 and 29, and Firefox 25 are the browsers that work perfectly with the site. Using another browser not included in the list may result in errors during making your account and your applications. Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 11 do not work on the site.

To create an account, go to the register page by clicking the Register now button on the homepage. You must enter your personal details, contact details and address details. Dates are to be entered in a DD MMM YYYY format. You must then create a password that has an upper case character, lower case character, a number. The password should be a minimum of 10 characters. After submitting the details, you will be receiving an account verification link in your email where you can activate the account. Your email will be your username.

To know the documents you are going to need, visit, select the kind of Visa and click Find Out. The links to the Visa application guides (where available) are to the right of the fees.

The verification email is only available for 24 hours. After that, you will get a “Confirmation Account Error” when you use the link in the email to log in. Click the “Forgotten Password” link to receive a new “unlock code”.

If you haven’t received your account verification email yet, go to the homepage and click the log in button. Click the “Forgot your password” link and check your email for the link unlocking your account. Be sure that your email is not blocking emails from Visa4UK and check your junk folder if it is there. If the email address you have entered is invalid, you will have to register again. You do not need to make another account for another application. Simply choose “Apply For Myself” or “Apply For Someone Else” when you log in to your account. Your account will be active for two years from the last time you logged on.

If you get an error message when you save your application, click the “View My Applications” then click “Go to Application”. Check the application data and try to save again. Follow the things under REQUIRE FURTHER TECHNICAL HELP? in the Visa4UK FAQ page if you are still getting the error message.

You will be automatically logged out of your Visa4UK if you are inactive for 20 minutes. Remember to save your application from time to time. Any unsaved data will be lost if you are logged off automatically.

When you confirm your application without completing all the questions, the incomplete sections will turn orange and your application will not be confirmed. Once you completely answer the questions in a given question, your answers will be saved automatically, but if you haven’t answered all the questions in a given section, you can click the Save button at the left hand side of the screen or the Save and Quit button to save and exit the application. You will then be redirected to the “View My Applications” page.

If you already completed your application, but haven’t received a confirmation, check for a Status of ‘Complete’ on the ‘View My Applications’ page. All the complete sections should be green and the incomplete ones will be black.

To change your registration details, simply click on the “Manage My Account” link at the top of the page and make the necessary changes. For example, when you change your email address, go to the contact details section and click “Change” next to the email address. Make the necessary changes and complete the required fields and click “Change Email”. If you forget your password, click the “Forgotten Password” to receive a link to unlock your account in your email. To change your password, go to your account and click the Change Password link at the top of the page. Make the necessary changes and fill in the necessary details and click Change Password.

Once you have completed the section, the whole section turns green, but if you haven’t completed the section yet, you can always complete the section anytime from the “View My Applications” page. To check the answers you have already answered, click on the relevant section on the left hand side of the screen. After completing all the sections and confirming your application, you will be able to review all the answers you have given, but after you submit your application, you will no longer be able to make any changes.

If you want to cancel your application, you can choose the Delete Application option in the View My Applications, but if you have already completed the Sign Declaration section, you will not be able to delete your application. Just leave the system. It will not affect any other applications and the system will delete it eventually. If you already made a payment and want a refund, see the Payments and Refunds section. Once you request a refund using View Payment, your application will not be processed, but it will still be visible in your account.

The Location you entered at the beginning of the application determines your Appointment options. If the location you entered is wrong, you might get an error message or not get the Appointments option you need. If the location you entered is wrong, you will need to make a new application by either clicking Apply For Myself or Apply For Someone Else in your account. Leaving your current application will not affect any future applications.

Depending on where you are applying from, there are two ways to make an appointment. You can either make an appointment as a step in the application process or arrange your appointment with the help of Visa4UK’s partners. All you need to do is go to View Payment Page and then click on the Book Appointment hyperlink provided. For more information visit: .

If your appointment is made through Visa4UK and you have also paid online, click the View Appointment button and then the ‘Update Appointment ‘ or ‘Cancel Appointment’. However, if a Commercial Paternal external website is used to set an appointment, then you need to contact them to make an appointment. Visit for more guidance on appointments.

If your appointment was made through Visa4UK and you have already paid, click the “View Appointment” button then the “Update Appointment” option to change your appointment location within the Visa Issuing Office Region options displayed. If you are looking for an appointment in another region or a different Country you will need to raise a new application with the relevant new location details. If you are using a Commercial Partner external website, contact them to change your appointment location.

If you miss your appointment made directly through one of Visa4UK’s partners, rearrange your appointment. If the appointment was made in your online application, make a new application.

Some locations have restrictions which prevent applicants from choosing a date within a period of time immediately after the date when the applicant is attempting to book the appointment. Restriction periods vary and others days may be unavailable due to various reasons.

To pay for your application, check the list of online payment methods at the bottom of the page. When making a payment, you will be directed to WorldPay where you can make your payments. You will receive a confirmation of payment in your email after the transaction. The email will state the amount paid.

It takes 48 hours for your payment to be to be processed. See the REQUIRE FURTHER TECHNICAL HELP? section at Visa4UK’s FAQ Page if you have an urgent application or more than 48 hours has passed and you still haven’t received a confirmation from WorldPay.

To get a refund in your application fee, submit your withdrawal in writing within three months and seven days and/or before you submit your biometric data or before processing something else, otherwise, you will not be able to get a refund. To get a refund, click on the View Payment button and click the refund link on the Payment Confirmation page. Make sure to provide the reason for the refund.

If you do not want to withdraw your application and only want a refund for a duplicate payment, send an email to . Make sure to provide the full applicant name, date of payment, GWF number, Country applied from and state the reason for the refund. A refund can take up to 28 working days, but if you still haven’t received your refund, check the FAQ page for more details.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is an electronic version of a document. If you want to print your application, go to the Visa Complete screen and click the Print Application link on the. This will open the PDF file, so right-click and select Print from the menu. There are two ways to print your application. For a paid application that was made in Visa4UK, click the View Appointment button then the Print Appointment Details button or the link on the Visa Complete screen. This will open the PDF file. Right-click and choose print from the menu to print the file. For appointments made on a Commercial Partner external website, print the appointment confirmation email that you received. Make sure you have a copy of Adobe Reader installed to view PDF files.

To get further technical assistance, email Send the details about your problem and include your email address used to Register your account, the Browser used (including version), the Country the applicant is located in (your location if you are the applicant), and your GWF application reference (if you have one). You may also include screenshots related to your query. To get further non-technical help (eg. about the kind of visa you should apply for), go to & . You may also contact UK Visas and Immigration’s international enquiry service for more information.

Visa4UK also offers an Electronic Visa Waiver Program. It is the official Website of the British Government for an online application for EVW. Those who have passports from the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar can travel to the UK without a visa for less than half a year. There is no requirement or payment required for the EVW scheme. Those visiting to get married or to have civil relationship will have to apply for the appropriate visit visa. If you are a not European and you want to visit the UK longer than six months, you must obtain a visa.

To qualify for the EVW scheme, provide the details regarding your trip 48 hours before departure. You will not be able change anything once you submit the form. At least 48 hours before you leave, you must process a new EVW form in case of changes or incorrect details.

Make sure you have your passport, the address on where you stay in the UK and the complete details of your trip.

Your EVW Document will arrive once you submit your travel details. Print the document and bring it with you because you will need it to show it the carrier before and after you arrive in the UK.

Children—those below 18 years old—can also qualify for the EVW scheme. Just make sure that they have a complete EVW document with the correct details. If the children are travelling without their parents or guardian, the parents or guardians must have written consent, the parent/guardian’s full contact details, evidence that suitable arrangements have been made for a stay in the UK, address of where the child will be staying, name and date of birth of the child’s guardian in the UK, guardian’s relationship to the child, authority from parent(s) or legal guardian allowing him or her to care for the child while in the UK and a letter from the school. Further guidance can be seen on the Child Requirements Guidance in Visa4UK’s website.

The EVW document only allows you to enter the UK visa-free and does not grant any permission to enter the UK. EVW document will also undergo the same procedure as the non-visa nationals.

It is strongly recommended that you get a visa instead of a EVW document when you were convicted of a crime in any country, you were prohibited from going into the UK or deported, you disobeyed the policies regarding your stay in the UK, your visa application was rejected in the past, or you were advised to get a visa by a UK Embassy official.


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  4. oomila LOBIN Mrs PAULICKA says:

    Hello I registered myself last month but unfortunately had account has been block. Probably because I enter the wrong password. am in Mauritius and no one from Maurtius EMBASSY could help me to sort out this problem. If you can suggest me want to do next, her my email so you can reply to my message, Thanks

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    Comment faire pour contacter une personne en cas de problème pour un autre rendez-vous



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  8. luk says:

    I can’t comment on individual cases but Please get in touch using

  9. Hannah Koroma says:

    I am trying to register online visa for the UK. Message received that I am unsuccessful should contact

    Can you help please

  10. luk says:

    Please read and contact them via the 3 options, Phone, Chat or email. Mind you the only free option is email!, even chat costs £4!
    Please let me know how you get on, and if you need more help.
    Here to help

  11. Jocelyn says:

    i was registering with the above website however it said i was unsuccessful and should contact
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    Could you please assist me: My passport with ILR and Ancestral Visa documents was stolen from my vehicle during May in South Africa. How do I go about to obtain these documents?
    Your assistance in this regard will be much appreciated.

    Kind Regards

    Nohlene Hall

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    I have requested a reset of my password. The link sent to me receives an “invalid address” when entered into my internet browser. How do I go about resetting my password, please.

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    I have registered and received the e-mail “your registration is successful but for meanwhile your account is locked for safety purpose so click the following link or copy and paste the link in your internet browser to unlock the account.” I have tried many time but clicking or pasting the link in browser does not work or even respond. So please tell me what to do?

  22. adama bamba says:

    i need help to finish my payement, please help me!!!
    Sorry, your order is no longer payable

    Please contact the merchant quoting the following reference number: *************
    Server at 28/09/2015 13:29:17

  23. Maria Loon says:

    I was trying to register online visa for uk- purpose- honeymoon-tourist- it says unsuccessful – I am from Philippines but I’m here in Australia holding a student visa -however I’m getting married this November 2015 – my partner is an Australian citizen-were planning to have our honeymoon in Europe I need advice and assistance to what to do to make it happen. Thank you. Your response is greatly appreciated.

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  29. meghna shah says:

    i had register with the one email. filled my application which was almst done, then suddenly saying that password is wrong , wherein i totally remebered my password. i answered all security question correct even that dint except and my account got locked. i tried to to register with new email, in create my application they ask for registration number, which i have not received through any medium.
    i tried making again new registration, even in that same problem, they ask for registration number which is in ukvi document. i dont understand. my first application dint ask anything like that. its almost a week wasted cannot figure out.
    There is no option of cancelling the registraton so i can use same email.
    please help

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    What Must I do

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  35. Miss S Rashidi says:

    Hello I have filled the application visa on line for my mother.
    On the spouse /partner I should have put my father’s name and date of birth and password number but instead I have put my mother’s details. The appointment has booked for 24th of may 2016. Please advise if I can amend this silly mistake. I am so upset and embarrassed by this mistake. Please get back to me and let me know how to fix this. Many thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you
    Sahar Rashidi

  36. ntuthuko says:

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  37. ntuthuko says:

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  38. Toby says:

    When I click on update appointment, it says you can’t update it within 5 working days. Please help!

  39. Toby says:

    It exactly says:
    Please note you are about to amend your appointment within 5 days of the appointment date. If you proceed you will lose your vias application center fee & will not be able rebook your appointment at a free to use Visa Application center.

  40. marvin miranda says:

    I have just confirmed my visa application but found out later that there is an amount of 172 euros to be paid, I am aware that a EEA family visa is free.I want to visit my son who is an EAA national and studying in a boarding schoolin the UK.Please kindly explain.thank you.

  41. ryan jackson says:

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