How to make complaints about the Life in the UK test

Not satisfied with the service of the testing center you chose? Test supervisors not helpful enough to new applicants? You can file a complaint if you find the services unsatisfactory.

You can make your complaint to the test center manager where you took your Life in the UK test. Voice out your concerns with the services and make suggestions on what they can do to improve their service/s. After filing a complaint, you will receive a response from the test center within 5 days containing your complaint and their reply about your concerns.

If you are still unhappy with their response, you can send your complaint to this address:

Test Operations Manager
Ufi Ltd
Dearing House
1 Young Street
Sheffield S1 4UP

As usual, you should wait for 5 days before receiving a response from them. Do not come to this address as there will be no one to entertain your comments here.