How to Book the Life in the UK Test?

In order for you take the Life in the UK Test, you must first book and pay for the test. You can do so by visiting your nearest local testing center. Contact the Life in the Test Helpline should you need information on where the nearest local testing center in your area is.

Upon arrival at the test center, you should notify the test supervisor that you are taking the test. The test supervisor will then give you the Terms and Conditions in taking the test. You must first agree to these terms before you are allowed to book the test. Upon agreeing to the terms, you are then asked for you contact details, your name, address, and telephone number. These details will be sent to Ufi and kept on the test center for 6 years for verification purposes.

You will now be allowed to book the test. You can pay the test fee of £34 now, or later when you take the test. Afterwards, you are to wait for your test for 7 days or more, depending on how early you booked the test. You will be notified by the test center within 28 days and not longer than 56 days.

Should you wish to re-schedule your test date or cancel the test, you can do so, but if you made the notice in less than 7 days, you might be required to pay the administration fee / cancellation fee of £10. It is best that you take care of all your appointments before booking the test.