Getting your Life in the UK test results

After taking the test, you will then be asked by the test supervisor to wait in a room, along with your fellow applicants, for your test results. This usually takes 10-30 minutes, depending on how many applicants were present.

The test supervisor will then return, handing out the Result Notification Letters to each one of the applicants. Take time to read the information written on it, and be sure to check your personal details that are also written there. Should you find any mistakes regarding your personal details, let your test supervisor know immediately. They should make the necessary changes and correct the inconsistencies you have pointed out. This is very important because a minor mistake can cost you your test and your application for citizenship as well.

Next, check whether you have passed or failed the test. If you have passed the test, you can now apply for a British citizenship or an Indefinite Leave to Remain. Be sure not to lose it, as this is required for you to apply for one. However, if you have failed the test, you can not apply for citizenship but you can still stay as long as your visa is still valid.