Failed the Life in the UK Test? – Next steps

Failing the test does not mean you get deported or removed from the country, you can still remain in the United Kingdom until your Leave to Remain expires. Another option is to retake the test to give yourself another chance of getting your citizenship.

However, one must wait for at least 7 days, or a week, to take the test again. This is to give chance to others who want to try to take the test. But taking the test again means that you will have to do the same procedure again, book and pay for the test, study, and then take the test at the appointed day.

What to do now that we have failed the test?

If you plan to retake the test, it is best to review and try to remember which questions you think you have answered wrong. Read the notification letter to know which areas you need to improve on and which questions you answered incorrectly. Consult the official handbook for the correct answer and make a note of it should encounter the same question the next time you take the test.

Attend tutorial classes, especially ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and British citizenship classes. This will help improve your knowledge of the English language even further, and refresh your memory on what you have studied on the Life in the UK Test handbook. Take mock tests online and offline (on your study guides) and study even harder than before. Read the notes you made during your previous study session.

Once you think that you are now well-prepared to take the test again, you should book and pay for the exam and take the test after a week or two. Be sure that you have studied enough so that it wouldn’t be a waste of time and money. Good luck!