Candidate misconduct during Life in the UK test

If an applicant attempts to interrupt or sabotage the test process, they can be disqualified from taking the test and may be banned from taking the test again, or worse, they may be removed from the country.

An applicant should not try any of the following:

– taking the test on behalf of another individual

– making reference to materials (electronic or printed) during the test (e.g. cheat sheet)

– copying test content (electronically or in test format) and removing it from the test center

– intimidating staff with threats and / or violent behavior to influence your test result

– offering bribes to test center staff to influence your test result

– speaking to other candidates during the test

– looking at other candidates’ screen during the test

Doing any of these, the applicant will be disqualified and will automatically get a score of 0, effectively failing the test. They may or may not take the test again, as it will depend on the decision made by the local testing center and the Home Office.

If you believe that you are unjustly treated, or a mistake has been done on the test center’s part, you should file a complaint to the test center. They may let you take the test again, if the mistake was on the test center’s part.

Remember that you are subject to the terms and conditions before taking the test. You must abide by the rules set by the testing center in order for your application to not be jeopardized.