Canceling your appointment for the Life in the UK test

You have already booked the Life in the UK Test exam, and as the test day approaches, you receive a call that requires your immediate attention. Attending this emergency means you must postpone the test, so how can I cancel my registration for the Life in the UK Test?

You should notify your local test center first. Tell them that you can’t take the exam on that particular date, and explain the reason why you can’t take the test. You can then choose to delay your exam on another date, or cancel the test outright. If you have already paid for the test, depending on the test center, you might get a full or partial refund.

However, if you give less than 7 days’ notice, you will be required to pay an additional £10 administration fee for late reports. They might also choose not to give a full or partial refund, depending on the test center.

You should settle all businesses and appointments you have before booking / taking the exam. Otherwise, these may hinder you in taking the test. However, there are some emergencies that can’t be avoided, so choose to cancel the test if the emergency requires your immediate attention.