Arriving at the Test Center

Once test day arrives, you are required to go to the local test center from which you have registered the test. It is recommended, and a good rule of thumb, to buy train tickets early (should you need to ride one) and go to the test center at least an hour before the test starts. This is to avoid long lines on the ticket booth, and to have enough time to do some last-minute studying.

Once you arrive at the Test Center, the test supervisor will record some of your personal details, ask for your Home Office documents, and your reason for taking the test. IDs will also need to be presented. Your IDs should have pictures in them as the test centers require it.

If you haven’t paid yet (on booking the Life in the UK Test), you are required to pay the fee of £34.00 before you are allowed to take the test. If you have already paid, you won’t need to pay the same fee again.

You will then be asked to wait for your turn. Once your name is called, the test supervisor will take you to a room, and then you will need to complete a practice test. This practice test, whether you score high or fail it, won’t affect your score in the actual Life in the UK Test.

After completing the test, you will now be starting the actual Life in the UK Test. This test must be finished in less than, or, 45 minutes. The test supervisor will tell when to start and if the time limit expires, will guide you to a waiting room.

There you will be asked to wait for your results. If you pass the test, you will receive a letter containing a unique ID that is vital for British citizenship application. If you fail the test, you can retry after 7 days has passed.