After passing the life in the UK test – Key issues

Passing the test means you are now a step closer on being a British citizen. Now you can go to the Home Office, and submit your application for British citizenship, right?

Not quite yet, you need to do several things first before you can apply for one.

Once the test supervisor announces the result of your test, and notifies you that you have passed the test, you are given a pass notification letter. You are required to sign this letter as proof that you have passed the test. This letter also contains some of your personal information; name, address, and other information are written in here.

Be sure to double-check the information written and report to your test supervisor should you find errors or wish to make minor corrections. This is very important, because the Home Office will verify these information against your documents, and should they find inconsistencies, they may decline your application and you may have to retake the test again. After checking the letter, you should go the Home Office and apply.

(NOTE: You can apply for a British citizenship or an Indefinite Leave to Remain anytime, as the test center holds your information for a reasonable amount of time. But it is recommended that once you pass the test, apply for one as soon as possible.)

With the pass notification letter at hand, bring some documents and IDs that can prove your identity, and proceed to the Home Office. Fill up either an application form for British citizenship or for an Indefinite Leave to Remain then give it (along with the pass notification letter you obtained) to the Home Office representative. Alternatively, you can fill up a form, and mail it to the Home Office along with the pass notification letter.

Your application for a British citizenship or an Indefinite Leave to Remain will take some days to process, but as of now, you are now days away from being a British citizen! Congratulations!