A short introduction to immigration to the United Kingdom Alternatives

This short introductory manual to the immigration system of the United Kingdom gives a summary of the existing options and their major conditions for anyone who intends to reside, be employed, school in or just vacation in the United Kingdom.

Residing in and being employed in the United Kingdom

1. Could a British nationality be your entitlement?

Citizens of Britain (and some subjects of Britain) have the privilege to reside in and be employed in the United Kingdom. Based on other requirements, you could be allowed to submit an application for citizenship of the United Kingdom if:
You have been residing in the United Kingdom for at least five consecutive years (or if you are a British citizen’s civil partner or married to a British citizen then three years);
You were given birth to in the United Kingdom or an overseas territory of Britain;
Any of your parents is/was a citizen of Britain; or
You possess another type of British citizenship.
Adult dependent relatives, children, proposed civil partners, fiancés, and partners of British nationals resident within the United Kingdom or any of them who has the privilege of permanent residency in the United Kingdom can submit applications to come into the United Kingdom.

2. Are you a citizen of the Commonwealth with ancestors from Britain?

The is the likelihood that a citizen of the Commonwealth can come and be employed for not less than five years in the United Kingdom if they can prove that not less than one of their grandparents was given birth to in Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, United Kingdom (assuming prior to March 31, 1922), or on an aircraft or ship that is registered in Britain.
A candidate must not be less than 17 years of age, be capable and plan to be employed in the United Kingdom and be capable of supporting themselves and those who depend on them without assistance from funds that belong to the public. An applicant can be normally accompanied by children and partners who are below 18 years of age. If can be possible to submit an application for permanent residency after five years.

3. Are you a Swiss or EEA citizen?

Citizens that are Swiss or EEA have the privilege to be employed or just reside in the United Kingdom if they possess a means for supporting themselves and their families without turning into a problem for funds of the public.
The applicant can be accompanied by the dependent grandparents and parents, dependent grandchildren or children not more than 21 years of age, unmarried long term partner, civil partner, and spouse as can non-relatives (in specific situations) as long as they can prove they are actually dependants of the applicant.
Swiss and EEA citizens and members of their family who reside within the United Kingdom may be qualified for permanent residency. They can equally be allowed to submit an application for British nationality after an additional year in the United Kingdom.

4. Are you going to be making an investment or establishing a commercial venture in the United Kingdom?

One of the major routes for overseas investors in the United Kingdom is by using the visa for investors. Broadly speaking, a candidate in this segment will be required to prove that they possess not less than $2 million ready at hand for fresh ventures in the United Kingdom retained in a financial institution that is regulated. The money should then be put into loan capital or share capital in functional and trading companies that are registered in the United Kingdom (apart from companies solely engaged in property development, property management, or property investment), or government bonds of the United Kingdom. The requirement for maintenance or English language is not applicable. The visa is going to be provided for a maximum of forty months (three years and four months) and could have an extension for an additional two years. After a duration of five years, there is the possibility for an application to be submitted for settlement and after a year, it is likely that an application for citizenship can be submitted. If an investment of $5million or $10 million is made, then the duration required for residency can be reduced by two or three years respectively.
Another likely alternative is the visa for entrepreneurs. This needs at least $200,000 of your personal cash or $50,000 from specific sources of capital which should be put into a commercial venture in which you are a participant. There are requirements for maintenance and English language which is not like in the visa for investors. This visa can be approved for a maximum of forty months (three years and four months) with an extension of two years when specific conditions have been fulfilled, comprising of the creation of not less than two jobs for employees who are already residents. After five years settlement can be approved (three years assuming you were the creator of 10 jobs for people who are settled and your commercial venture has achieved an income threshold that is prescribed) and citizenship after at least six years in the United Kingdom.
A third probable route is a visa for a representative of a commercial venture overseas. This is applicable to senior staff sourced and employed overseas by a foreign venture which wishes to have the staff engaged in the establishment of its first subsidiary or independent branch in the United Kingdom. Again, the requirements for maintenance and English language are applicable. The visa would be approved for not more than three years and can have an extension of two years. A permanent settlement can be approved after five years and afterwards probably citizenship.
All of the alternatives above will also permit spouses and kids not more than 18 years of age to follow you, however this will cause additional surcharge payments for healthcare.

5. Will you be employed in a business in the United Kingdom or be transferred to the UK branch of your company?

Workers who are migrants with a definite offer for employment from an employer who is a sponsor that is licensed and has provided them a sponsorship certificate can submit an application for a visa that is General (Tier 2). In order to succeed, the employment must fall under the list for shortage occupations, the employment provider should abide by a recruitment process that is specified (from which no EEA national who is suitably qualified was ready to occupy the post) or the remuneration should be more than $155,300. An application for settlement can be submitted after a residence of five years and citizenship after another year.
Employees who are skilled planning on transferring from a business overseas to the branch in the United Kingdom can submit an application for a visa for Tier 2 (intra-company). Visas that are different are available for transfers that are long term, transfers that are short term, trainees who are graduates and employees who are sent on transfer to learn or teach specialist knowledge or skills. For transfers that are short term and long term the employee should have been working abroad for not less than 12 months and is only considered qualified if the position cannot be taken up by a national worker that is settle or EEA. Trainees who are graduates must have been employed in the venture for not less than three months. All candidates should be capable of taking care of themselves but the requirement for English language only turns into relevance after they have stayed in the United Kingdom for three years. In this category, applicants that are new will not be able to qualify for residency as a result of the duration that was spent by them in the United Kingdom.
Holders of visa for Intra0company transfer and General under Tier 2 may be attached by their dependent children not older than 18 and their partner.
Registering as a sponsor it on its own a process which is very long and a thing which companies must take into consideration quite early if there is the likelihood that they would be sourcing for workers who are migrants.

6. Do you possess talents that are exceptional in the arts, digital technology, engineering, or science?

Visas for exceptional talents may be approved to persons who are recognized internationally for their talents in the fields of the arts, digital technology, engineering, or science. A candidate requires to be supported by the designated body of relevance (Royal Society or Tech City UK, Royal Academy of Engineering, British Academy, Arts Council England) and there are guidelines which are detailed which coordinate such endorsements.

7. Are you arriving in the United Kingdom to be employed on an interim basis?

Applications for visas can be made and submitted for employment in the United Kingdom on an interim basis in the charity, sporting, or creative sectors or as a segment of a mobility scheme of the youth or exchange organized by the government. Religious employees and those taking a trip under agreements that are international are also permitted to submit applications for interim visas.
Additionally, workers that are domestic staff in households that are private can submit applications for a visa to arrive in the United Kingdom with their employer who is paying a visit to the United Kingdom for not more than six months and thereafter they have to go.

8. Are you an entrepreneur that is a UK graduate?

Graduates who already are in the United Kingdom can be provided a visa to stay back in the United Kingdom on completion of their studies to pursue an idea of business which has been supported by their institution of education. The approval of the leave will initially be for one year, and can have an extension for an additional year and does not end in residency. In the alternative, it can be likely to have a student visa converted into another visa format once the conditions are fulfilled.
Paying a visit to the United Kingdom
It is likely for anyone to pay a visit to the United Kingdom for not more than six months for specified purposes that are permitted based on strict requirements and limitations. There are four major segments: visitor that is in transit, visitor that is for engagements that are paid and permitted, visitor for civil partnership or marriage, and standard visitor (for business, leisure, or some other reasons that are permitted). Usually, it is advised that applications for visas should be submitted prior to making your trip (and this is required always for citizens of specified countries).
Undergoing studies in the United Kingdom
People who are more than four years of age can submit an application for a visa to undergo studies in the United Kingdom. From the ages of 4 and fifteen they should be in attendance in a fee-paying educational institution that is independent. Candidates of any age should possess a sponsor, usually a provider of education that is licensed. A student could be required to make payments for a surcharge for healthcare, but at a reduced rate every year of $150.
The ability of English language at a particular level would have to be shown by an adult student. They could be employed within the United Kingdom while undergoing studies for specific durations of time and based on provisions. Students who are adults may be permitted to bring along to the United Kingdom their spouse and their children who are not more than 18 years of age. On the other hand, parents of kids who are lower than 12 years of age are permitted to follow them to the United Kingdom.
Presently, the duration spent undergoing studies within the United Kingdom does not bring about a privilege to permanent residency (or nationality).
Additional Information
This expose is meant to serve as a short manual only because the regulations in this topic are complicated, caveated, and revised on a frequent basis. If you are planning on coming to the United Kingdom, you must look for advice from a professional and if you would require additional information on any of the issues contained in this manual or any further feature of immigration legislation of the United Kingdom, please get in touch with us so that we can put you in touch with the right professionals, who would be delighted to help out.