A decision on the UK nationality of a woman who has resided for almost 30 years in Scotland has been made by the Home Office

Officials of the Home Office have eventually accepted that a woman who has resided for 30 years in Scotland, is married to a Scot and has a mother that is Scottish – is a British.
The UK government has been threatening Crystal Maclver with deportation as a result of a bungle in paperwork 28 years ago.

However the 44 year old woman who is very delighted has stated that a confirmation has been received that she is a United Kingdom citizen.
In spite of this, Ms. Maclver who possesses three children who are all grown-up living and working in Scotland and also has a National Insurance number is still going to pass through a nationality ceremony.

She stated that she felt great, was over the moon. She stated that she was feeling like a person who had won the lottery.
She further stated that after she received the letter it was the first time in weeks that she could sleep.

The letter stated as follows: they are delighted to inform you that you have been granted a British Citizenship certificate.
Ms. Maclver stated that was now waiting for her ceremony. It would hold in Irvine in a couple of weeks’ time. Some of her friends and family are coming along with her.
She said that she was still in shock, and kept smiling and reading the letter.
She had planned to go out with her family on Friday night to celebrate. She wanted to thank all the people who signed her petition and Patricia Gibson her MSP.

She had no doubt that she would have been kicked out if it were not for all the publicity.
In support of her case to remain in the United Kingdom, Ms. Maclver has sent many years of tax returns in addition to other documents that were proof of her parentage. She had been born in Gloucester, Massachusetts but had come to Ayrshire to reside after her mother who is Scottish returned home from a divorce. She earned a hospitality management HND after attending Ardrossan High School.

She got employed at several jobs, married her first husband, had two kids, remarried and had a third child in the 29 years that she has resided in Scotland.
Presently while her son-in-law and her daughter go out to work, she takes care of Christopher James her 18 month old grandson.

It seems that Ms. Maclver’s mother did not apply for a passport of Great Britain on her arrival in the United Kingdom, and ever since had simply been renewing her US passport.
After she decided to get a UK passport in 2011 she was faced with deportation. She was informed by an officer of immigration that it would be more convenient after she had returned from a holiday.
Ms. Maclver who hails from Stevenson, Ayrshire initially had to prove that a British was her mother. Once that was done, evidence of her right to stay in the country in the form of a document of immigration was demanded by officials.

However, Ms. Maclver stated that it was not possible because she came to the country as a girl of 14 years old and did not have any idea if such a certificate was in existence.

The claims of the Home Office was that her good character was under question and that she did not have any regard for the country’s laws because she could not produce the documents.
She had to make consultations with a lawyer after she was informed that she had only till June 8 to produce the documents or her request to remain in the United Kingdom was going to be turned down which would lead her to being deported.

At the time, Ms. Maclver whose spouse Graham is employed offshore as a fitter of pipes stated that never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that this was going to take place.
She said that she was more Scottish than she was American. It was something that she could not believe.

She was in shock. She had nobody in the United States. Her father was dead. She did not have anywhere to go.
She was going to be on the streets literally. She was not going to have anywhere to stay. She could not even drive. She was in shock.

A Home Office spokesman yesterday stated that every request for citizenship of Britain was considered in line with rules on immigration and on their individual merits. It was up to the citizenship applicant to give the needed proof to back up their requests.
He stated further that the necessary documentation had been provided by Ms. Maclver and her request for citizenship had been approved.