Identification requirements for Life in the UK test

In order for you to book the exam, you must first prove your identity. You need to present at least one or two IDs to the test supervisor. You can present one of these IDs:

– A passport from your country of origin. You don’t need this to be in date / updated, you can still use this as long as it has not yet expired.

– A UK Photocard driving license. Full or provisional. This document must be in date; otherwise it won’t be accepted as a valid ID.

– One of the following Home Office travel documents:

o Convention Travel Document (CTD)
o Certificate of Identity Document (CID)
o Stateless Person Document (SPD)

Any of these documents must be in date for it to be valid.

– An Immigration Status Document, endorsed with a UK Residence Permit and bearing a photo of the holder. This is valid regardless of it being updated or not.

– Home Office Identity Card. This contains information about the holder, and his / her status and entitlements.

Also, be sure to remember your area’s postcode, as the test supervisor may ask you about it (to verify your residence against the IDs you have presented).

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  1. Pauline Salzer says:

    Is it required for me to take a “Life in the UK” test to apply for a fiancée visa?

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